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Below are a selection of some recent patients of the practice that we feel make interesting case studies.


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Benson | Boris | Dylan | Bailey | Harrison | Katy | Joe | Apollo | Geler Perl | Twin Foals| Eros |


Meet Benson... Eye Ulcer


Benson jpegOur first in patient was Benson.   He was presented at 5 months old still with his mother.   His right eye was closed and he had what appeared to be puss running from the corner of the eye.





Meet Boris... Navicular Disease


Boris jpegBoris is a dutch gelding who presented with a sudded onset right forelimb lameness, subsequently diagnosed and under treatment for Navicular disease.






Meet Dylan... Laminitis


Dylan jpegDylan, a 13hh grey gelding pony, owned by Claire Astre came in from the field lame – he had laminitis. At the time he was grossly overweight and not in any work.




Meet Bailey... Sarcoids


Bailey ridden

Bailey is a seven year old, Anglo Arab gelding with a promising showing career ahead of him. He has had a very successful novice season competing hack and Anglo/part bred Arab classes culminating in Reserve British National Champion Ridden Anglo Arab 2008. His owner was very concerned, as he had recently developed a number of unusual skin lumps in many different places all over his body.




Meet Harrison... Orphaned Foal


Baby HarrisonHarrison was born on 28th March 2006 and unfortunately lost his mother when he was just hours old. Fortunately he was a strong, precocious foal and had drunk plenty of colostrums before his mother had died.

There was now an immense job ahead for his owner.



Meet Katy... Cracked Hooves


small Katy jpgKaty is a 5 year old thoroughbred mare currently owned by Sue Barton. Katy had originally been rescued by another client and was in terrible condition. She had been left in a field where there was no provision of food, water or shelter. When I first examined Katy after she was rescued she was in such poor condition I gave her a 50% chance of surviving her first week.



Meet Joe... Foal Feet


small Foals Foot jpgYou may be mistaken for thinking that there was something not quite right with the appearance of this newly born foals foot.   But rest assured it is quite normal and is usually the 'normal' appearance of a foals hoof after being born.



In Memory "Geler Perl"... Hyperthermia


small Geler Perl jpgWe have a client, previously registered with another practice, whose horse died of this condition. They have very kindly allowed us to use this case study in the hope that it will highlight the dangers to other horse owners.




Meet Apollo... Wolf Teeth


small Apollo jpgApollo is a 5 year old Welsh Section D gelding. Back in August 2007 his owner reported he was having problems with his wolf teeth. The wolf teeth were unusually large and on examination it was decided they would be removed under standing sedation, which is usual.




Meet the Twins... Twin Foals


Meet the twins (yet to be named), together with proud mum Katy, a grey Sports Horse mare. These two adorable and very lucky youngsters are now over 6 months old. It is remarkable that they both survived, never mind that they are so well grown and similar in size.




Meet Eros... Lymphangitis


Eros is a 10 year old Dutch warmblood gelding. In July 2008 his owner, Karen, called the practice as an emergency as one of his legs was swollen. On arrival his left hind leg was extremely swollen from the coronary band to above his stifle.




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