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Meet Eros… (lymphangitis)


Eros is a 10 year old Dutch warmblood gelding. In July 2008 his owner, Karen, called the practice as an emergency as one of his legs was swollen. On arrival his left hind leg was extremely swollen from the coronary band to above his stifle. There was a total loss of definition and there was so much pressure within the limb that serum was being forced through his skin and running down the leg at numerous points. He was not weight bearing on the leg and was showing signs of considerable pain.


Treatment for ulcerative lymphangitis was started although there was the unlikely possibility still that he had fractured a bone high up the leg. He responded poorly to initial treatment and so we decided to refer him to the equine hospital at Leahurst for further investigation and exclusion of the fracture.


Eros was hospitalised at Leahurst for a few days where he had intensive treatment until he was comfortable enough to be managed at home. Once home he continued on the treatment and started some in hand exercise. The exercise is extremely important in reducing the swelling as the action of the muscles helps to pump fluid away from the limb. The swelling slowly reduced but not completely and it was decided that Eros needed more exercise. He was referred to Beaver Hall Equestrian Centre for physiotherapy and Spa sessions in the pool. Following this the swelling was greatly reduced and he returned home once again. This time he was able to start more intensive work and since then he has come on in leaps and bounds! The leg is not yet 100% normal but it is almost there and Karen is continuing to manage Eros’ condition really well.



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