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Meet Harrison... (Orphaned Foal)


Harrison and DaffodilHarrison was born on 28th March 2006 and unfortunately lost his mother when he was just hours old. Fortunately he was a strong, precocious foal and had drunk plenty of colostrums before his mother had died. There was now an immense job ahead for his



We immediately contacted the National Foaling Bank who match foster mares with orphaned foals, as this is the most favourable option. At that time there were no suitable mares available for Harrison but the National Foaling Bank was on standby as were other local veterinary practices to call us if a suitable mare became available.


Harrison ’s owner began the unenviable job of bottle-feeding him every hour with powdered milk obtained from a local stud. Harrison was watched closely at all times for any sign of weakness or disease but he thrived against the odds and when he was one week old (which was a very long week for his owner), we received a call from the National Foaling Bank to say that a possible surrogate mare had become available.


Daffodil, a shire mare, had lost her own foal only the day before. We travelled Harrison to the mare and introduced them slowly.Daffodill and Harrison going out The fostering process often takes 2 or 3 days before the mare accepts the foal as her own, however, amazingly these two bonded within less than an hour!











Daffodil and Harrison going for a day out


If you require any information/advice on foaling and breeding please do not hesitate to contact us by email or call 0161 643 7724.


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