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Meet Mojo... (Laminitis/Cushings Disease)


The pony pictured here is Mojo with her owner Keely. Mojo was seen by the practice as a second opinion in September 2007. Mojo was suffering from a severe episode of laminitis and her owners had been advised to euthanase her.


We decided to x-ray Mojo’s feet as this had not been done so far. Some rotation of the pedal bone was evident. The farrier then fitted heart bars to all four feet. It was also noted that Mojo’s coat was a little curly and so a cushings disease test was performed which returned a positive result. Treatment was initiated immediately. Now eight months later Mojo is back in normal shoes and is being ridden again. She also enjoys limited turnout.


It is a very pleasing and satisfying outcome for all concerned given the initial grave prognosis Mojo’s owners were given.


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